Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Justin Tubb - 1953-1956

01. I'm a Darn Good Man (For the Shape I'm In)
02. The Story of My Life
03. Ooh la La
04. Give Three Cheers for My Baby
05. Somebody Ughed on You
06. Something Called the Blues
07. I'm Looking for a Date Tonight
08. You're the Prettiest Thing That Ever Happened to Me
09. Who Will It Be
10. Sufferin' Heart
11. Looking Back to See
12. I Miss You So
13. Who Will It Be
14. My Heart's Not for Little Girls to Play With
15. Little Bit Waltz
16. I'm Sorry I Stayed Away So Long
17. Sure Fire Kisses
18. Fickle Heart
19. Waterloo
20. I Gotta Go Get My Baby
21. Chuga-Chuga, Chica Mauga (Choo-Choo Train)
22. I'm a Darn Good Man (For the Shape I'm In)
23. All Alone
24. Within Your Arms
25. Who Will It Be
26. Pepper Hot Baby
27. Lucky Lucky Someone Else
28. You Nearly Lose Your Mind
29. Oh How I Miss You
30. Desert Blues
31. Miss the Mississippi and You


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