Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jim & Jesse - Old Dominion

Disc: 1
1. Cotton Mill Man
2. Please Be My Love
3. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
4. Live and Let Live
5. Careless Love, Goodbye
6. It's a Long, Long Way To The Top Of The World (It's a Long, Long Way)
7. Just One Of A Kind
8. Your Old Love Letters
9. As Long As The Wind Blows
10. Wishful Thinking
11. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
12. Rocky Top
13. Alone With You
14. Mansion On The Hill
15. Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone
16. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
17. Wreck Of The Number Nine
18. (I'm Changing The Words To)My Love Song
19. Ashes of Love
20. When You Want A Little Lovin'
21. The Best Dressed Beggar In Town
22. Don't Ever Take Your Love From Me
23. Sundown And Sorrow
24. 'Mid The Green Fields of Virginia
25. Somewhere My Love (Instrumental)

Disc: 2
1. Jesus Is The Key To The Kingdom
2. Little White Church
3. Family Bible
4. Walking My Lord Up Calvary Hill
5. Truth On The Mountain
6. The Family Who Prays (Never Shall Part)
7. On The Wings Of A Dove
8. Matthew
9. Born Again
10. Two Thousand Years Ago
11. River of Jordan
12. How Great Thou Art (Instrumental)
13. Heaven
14. Over In The Gloryland
15. Life's Railway to Heaven
16. There's A Light Guiding Me
17. An Old Account Settled
18. Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus
19. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There
20. Great Speckled Bird
21. We Are Climbing
22. When My Savior Reached Down For Me
23. Something Got A Hold Of Me
24. Amazing Grace (Instrumental)
25. I'll Reap My Harvest in Heaven
Disc: 3
1. Big Hands
2. Thank God For The USA
3. God Bless America Again
4. If We Forget God
5. Under The Double Eagle (Instrumental)
6. When The Wagon Was New
7. Log Cabin In The Lane
8. Back In The USA
9. Medley: America The Beautiful/God Bless America/Battle Hymn of the Republic (Instr.)
10. Valley of Peace
11. Take Me In The Lifeboat
12. Sweet Virginia
13. Air Mail Special On The Fly
14. Then I'll Stop Going For You
15. Hard Hearted
16. Stormy Horizons
17. Freight Train
18. Ballad of Thunder Road
19. Voice Of My Darling
20. A Bird With Broken Wings Can't Fly
21. Cash On The Barrelhead
22. Fireball Express (Instrumental)
23. Poison Love
24. Mountain Rosalie
25. Ain't It Hard To Love
Disc: 4
1. Intro
2. Heartbreak Mountain (Instrumental)
3. When I Stop Dreaming
4. Ole Slew Foot
5. El Cumbanchero (Instrumental)
6. Better Times A' Coming
7. Lee Highway Blues (Instrumental)
8. Knoxville Girl
9. She Left Me Standing On The Mountain
10. Childish Love
11. Gosh, I Miss You All The Time
12. Border Ride (Instrumental)
13. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
14. Westphalia Waltz (Instrumental)
15. Dixie Hoedown (Instrumental)
16. I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby
17. Paradise
18. I Wish You Knew
19. Heartaches and Flowers
20. Far From You
21. I/m Sorry, That's All I Can Say
22. I've Been Everywhere But Crazy
23. Break My Heart Again
24. Maple Sugar (Instrumental)
25. Be Good To Her
26. Diesel Train


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