Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hank Thompson - Songs Of The Brazos Valley

01 Swing Wide Your Gate of Love
02 Whoa, Sailor
03 A Lonely Heart Knows
04 Starry Eyed Texas Gal
05 California Women
06 What Are We Gonna Do About the Moonlight
07 Humpty Dumpty Heart
08 Today
09 Don't Flirt With Me
10 Rock in the Ocean
11 Mary Had a Little Lamb (His Love Was Pure as Snow)
12 California Women
13 Yesterday's Mail
14 What Are We Gonna Do About the Moonlight
15 The Green Light
16 You Remembered Me
17 Second Hand Gal
18 My Heart Is a Jigsaw Puzzle
19 You Broke My Heart (In Little Bitty Pieces)
20 I Find You Cheatin' on Me
21 Tomorrow Night
22 My Front Door Is Open
23 The Grass Looks Greener over Yonder
24 Soft Lips
25 Whoa, Sailor
26 Swing Wide Your Gate of Love
27 A Cat Has Nine Lives
28 Give a Little, Take a Little
29 All That Goes Up Must Come Down
30 Standing on the Outside Looking in Now
31 She's a Girl Without Any Sweetheart


32 Take a Look at This Broken Heart of Mine
33 When God Calls His Children Home
34 Can't Feel at Home in This World Anymore
35 Humpty Dumpty Boogie
36 Daddy Blues
37 A Broken Heart and a Glass of Beer
38 If I Cry
39 New Rovin' Gambler
40 Playin' Possum
41 Where Is Your Heart Tonight
42 Those Things Money Can't Buy
43 Hangover Heart
44 I Ain't Cryin' over You
45 Love Thief
46 How Do You Feel
47 I'll Be Your Sweetheart for a Day
48 Teardrops on the Tea Leaves
49 The Wild Side of Life
50 Cryin' in the Deep Blue Sea
51 Waiting in the Lobby of Your Heart
52 Don't Make Me Cry Again
53 It's Better to Have Loved a Little
54 How Cold Hearted Can You Get
55 The New Wears Off Too Fast
56 You're Walking on My Heart
57 No Help Wanted
58 I'd Have Never Found Somebody New
59 Rub-A-Dub-Dub
60 I'll Sign My Heart Away
61 Yesterday's Girl
62 John Henry

63 Wake Up, Irene
64 Go Cry Your Heart Out
65 Breakin' the Rules
66 A Fooler, a Faker
67 Jersey Bounce
68 Sunrise Serenade
69 Honky Tonk Girl
70 We've Gone Too Far
71 The New Green Light
72 A Lonely Heart Knows
73 Dardanella
74 Johnson Rag
75 If Lovin' You Is Wrong
76 Annie Over
77 Wildwood Flower
78 Breakin' in Another Heart
79 Most of All
80 Simple Simon
81 Redskin Gal
82 Westphalia Waltz
83 Don't Take It Out on Me
84 Honey, Honey Bee Ball
85 The Blackboard of My Heart
86 I'm Not Mad, Just Hurt
87 Weeping Willow
88 You Can Give Me Back My Heart
89 Taking My Chances
90 It Makes No Difference Now
91 Rockin' in the Congo
92 I Was the First One
93 A Girl in the Night
94 Quicksand

100 Li'l Liza Jane
101 Squaws Along the Yukon
102 Gathering Flowers
103 I've Run Out of Tomorrows
104 You're Going Back to Your Old Ways Again
105 Coconut Grove
106 Tuxedo Junction
107 Anybody's Girl
108 Total Stranger
109 I Didn't Mean to Fall in Love
110 I Guess I'm Getting over You
111 A Six Pack to Go
112 What Made Her Change
113 She's Just a Whole Lot Like You
114 There My Future Goes
115 Will We Start It All over Again
116 It's Got to Be a Habit
117 Two Hearts Deep in the Blues
118 Just One Step Away
119 Oklahoma Hills
120 Teach Me How to Lie
121 Hangover Tavern
122 Give the World a Smile
123 I've Convinced Everybody But Myself
124 Lost John
125 That's the Recipe for a Heartache
126 Drop Me Gently (So Many Heart Won't Break)
95 Tears Are Only Rain
96 Under the Double Eagle
97 Just an Old Flame
98 If I'm Not Too Late
99 How Do You Hold a Memory

127 Blue Skirt Waltz
128 I Cast a Lonesome Shadow
129 How Many Teardrops Will It Take
130 Honky Tonk Town
131 I'd Look Forward to Tomorrow (If It Wasn't for Yesterday)
132 The More in Love Your Heart Is
133 I Wasn't Even in the Running
134 Too in Love
135 Twice as Much
136 Reaching for the Moon
137 Just to Ease the Pain
138 Stirring up the Ashes
139 Whatever Happened to Mary
140 The Luckiest Heartache in Town
141 Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
142 I'd Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas
143 Life's Sweetest Moment
144 I'm Gonna Practice Freedom
145 Then I'll Start Believing in You
146 In the Back of Your Mind
147 Paper Doll
148 You Always Hurt the One You Love
149 Gonna Wrap My Heart in Ribbons
150 Little Christmas Angel
151 Pick Me Up on Your Way Down
152 You Nearly Lose Your Mind

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