Friday, January 6, 2012

Slim Dusty & His Bushlanders - Another Aussie Sing Song

01 - Murrimbidgee Rose, Wodonga, Wheres That Old Cobber Of Mine, I'm Lonesome For Sydney Tonight
02 - Murray Moon, Beautiful Queensland, Our Wedding Waltz
03 - The Old Bullock Dray, The Snaake Gully Swagger, Game As Ned Kelly, Wooloomooloo
04 - My Home On The Sunburnt Plains, The Dying Stockman, I'm Gonna Hump My Bluey
05 - Bold Tommy Payne (Damaged-Unrecordable)
06 - Swingin' Along The Road That Leads To Henty, Snowy River, On The Road To Anywhere
07 - When A Boy From Alabama Meets A Girl From Gundagai, A Little Boy Called Smiley, A Town Like
08 - Sequel To The Pub With No Beer
09 - Where The Blue Gums Turn Red In The Sunset, Bushwacker, Give My Love To Sydney Town
10 - Never, Never
11 - By The Eumerella Shore, The Wild Colonial Boy
12 - I've Got A Possie Way Back In Aussie, Out Of The Blue Gums, A-N-Z-A-C


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