Monday, November 22, 2010

David Allan Coe Compass Point, I've Got Something To Say

1. Heads or Tails
2. Three Time Loser
3. Gone (Like)
4. Honey Don't
5. Lost
6. Merle and Me
7. Loving Her (Will Make You Lose Your Mind)
8. Fish Aren't Bitin' Today, The
9. X's and O's (Kisses and Hugs)
10. I've Got Something to Say
11. Back to Atlanta
12. I Could Never Give You up (For Someone Else)
13. Take It Easy Rider
14. Greata Nashville Railroad Disaster (A True Story)
15. Hank Williams Junior-Junior
16. Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands
17. If You'll Hold the Ladder (I'll Climb to the Top)
18. This Bottle (In My Hand)
19. Take This Job and Shove It Too
20. Lovin' You Comes So Natural


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